About Us

Mark Ogilvy runs the company with his fiancée Angela. Over the course of 2 years they have travelled all over the UK and spent countless hours taking photographs of everyday objects which appear as letters of the alphabet. They have collected hundreds of images, the best of which are displayed on this website.

However the process does not end there. Mark and Angela are committed to providing the best and most unusual images. They're aim is to supply an interesting and unique piece of art as well as great photographs, and they are continually searching for new and fresh 'letters'.

'Something which began as a hobby has become so much more, a passion! The feeling of elation I get when people chose our Alphabet Art to display in their homes is fantastic. But this is deepened all the more by the fact that we are giving people the opportunity to create their own unique and individual piece!" Mark Ogilvy


Mark and Angie are firm supporters of the RSBP and The National Trust, find out more here.